Preliminary Committees

General Chair

Andy Wilson, Microsoft Research, USA
sui14generalchair [at]

Program Chairs

Frank Steinicke, University of Hamburg, GER
Evan Suma, ICT, USA
Wolfgang Stuerzlinger,York University, CA
sui14programchairs [at]

Demo Chairs

Jason Leigh, University of Hawaii, USA
Hideki Koike, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JP
sui14demoschairs [at]

Poster Chairs

Rob Teather, McMaster University, CA
Gerd Bruder, University of Würzburg, GER
sui14posterschairs [at]

Publicity Chairs

Tobias Isenberg, INRIA, FRA
Mark Hancock University of Waterloo, CA
Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Osaka University, JP
sui14publicitychairs [at]

Publication Chairs

Kyle Johnsen, University of Georgia, USA
Scott Kuhl, Michigan Tech, USA
sui14publicationschairs [at]

Web and Social Media Chair

Florian Daiber, DFKI, Germany
sui14webchair [at]

Award Chairs

Bruce Thomas, University of South Australia, AUS
Patrick Baudisch, HPI, GER
sui14awardchairs [at]

Program Committee

Ferran Argelaguet Sanz, INRIA, FRA
Gerd Bruder, Würzburg University, GER
Bruno De Araujo, INRIA Nord Lille, FRA
Steven K. Feiner, Columbia University, USA
Martin Hachet, INRIA at Bordeaux, FRA
Victoria Interrante, University of Minnesota, USA
Manfred Lau, Lancaster University, UK
Joseph LaViola, University of Central Florida, USA
Christian Sandor, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, JPN
Rob Teather, McMaster University, CAN
Kazuki Takashima, Tohoku University, JPN
Daniel Keefe, University of Minnesota, USA
Tobias Isenberg, INRIA-Saclay, FRA
Scott Kuhl, Michigan Technological University, USA
Tobias Höllerer, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Andreas Butz, University of Munich (LMU), GER
Robert W. Lindeman, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA
Matt Adcock, CSIRO, AUS
Petra Isenberg, INRIA-Saclay, FRA




Proceedings of the 2nd ACM symposium on Spatial user interaction


October 4-5, 2014



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Best Papers

Elsevier Computers & Graphics Best papers will be published in a "Special Section on SUI 2014" in Elsevier Journal Computers & Graphics.


Opening keynote

Closing keynote*

Mark BolasProf. Mark Bolas

* Joint keynote with UIST 2014.

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