• EyeSee: Beyond Reality with Microsoft HoloLens

    Uwe Gruenefeld, Dana Hsiao, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll

  • GestureDrawer Demo: One-Handed Interaction Technique for Spatial User-Defined Imaginary Interfaces

    Teo Babic, Harald Reiterer, Michael Haller

  • Haptic Feedback with HaptoBend: Utilizing Shape-Change to Enhance Virtual Reality

    John C. McClelland, Robert J. Teather, Audrey Girouard

  • Head vs. Eye-Based Selection in Virtual Reality

    YuanYuan Qian, Robert J. Teather

  • Using Facial Gestures to Drive Narrative in VR

    Ifigeneia I. Mavridou, Mahyar Hamedi, Mohsen Fatoorechi, James Archer, Andrew Cleal, Emili Balaguer-Ballester, Ellen Seiss, Charles Nduka

  • Artificial Landmarks Augmented Linear Control Widgets to Improve Spatial Learning and Revisitation Performance

    Md. Sami Uddin, Carl Gutwin, Alix Goguey

  • TriggerWalking: A Biomechanically-Inspired Locomotion User Interface for Efficient Realistic Virtual Walking

    Ms Bhuvaneswari Sarupuri, Simon Hoermann, Robert Lindeman, Frank Steinicke


  • Look Closer: Adaptive Mobile Content Zooming Based on Natural Spatial User Interaction

    Shih-Wen Hsiao, Yi-Cheng Tsao

  • An Unobservable and Untraceable Input Method for Public Spaces by Reconstructing Points of Gaze Only on Servers

    Michiya Yamamoto, Hirofumi Sakiyama, Satoshi Fukumori, Takashi Nagamatsu

  • Filtering World-in-Miniature: Visual Analytics for Immersive Virtual Experiences

    Catherine Ball, Kyle Johnsen

  • Constraint-Based Modeling Technique for Mid-Air Interaction
    Thomas Jung, Patrick Bauer

  • Soundspace- Toward Accessible Spatial Navigation and Collaboration for Blind Users

    Frank Spillers

  • CS-DTW: Real-time Matching of Multivariate Spatial Input Against Thousands of Templates using Compute Shader DTW

    Krzysztof Pietroszek, Phuc Pham, Christian Eckhardt

  • Exploring Task Performance and User’s Preference of Mid-air Hand Interaction in a 3D Docking Task Experiment

    Marco Speicher, Florian Daiber, Gian-Luca Kiefer, Antonio Krüger

  • Spatial Virtual Keyboard for Wand based Virtual Reality

    Lewis Carter, Leigh Ellen Potter

  • A Head Coupled Cursor for 2D Selection in Virtual Reality

    Adrian Ramcharitar, Robert J. Teather

  • User Experience with Semi-Natural Locomotion Techniques in Virtual Reality: The Case of the Virtuix Omni

    Lawrence E. Warren, Doug Bowman

  • Flex: Hand Gesture Recognition using Muscle Flexing Sensors

    Christian Eckhardt, John Sullivan, Krzysztof Pietroszek

  • Player Performance with Different Input Devices in Virtual Reality First-Person Shooter Games

    Yasin Farmani, Robert J. Teather