SUI ’17- Proceedings of the 5th Symposium on Spatial User Interaction

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SESSION: Opening keynote

  • Adalberto L. Simeone

Fooling your senses: (super-)natural user interfaces for the ultimate display

  • Frank Steinicke

SESSION: Immersion & presence

  • Kyle Johnson

RealME: the influence of body and hand representations on body ownership and presence

  • Sungchul Jung
  • Christian Sandor
  • Pamela J. Wisniewski
  • Charles E. Hughes

Smooth immersion: the benefits of making the transition to virtual environments a continuous process

  • Dimitar Valkov
  • Steffen Flagge

ReflectiveSpineVR: an immersive spine surgery simulation with interaction history capabilities

  • Ahmed E. Mostafa
  • Won Hyung A. Ryu
  • Kazuki Takashima
  • Sonny Chan
  • Mario Costa Sousa
  • Ehud Sharlin

SESSION: User interfaces

  • Michele Fiorentino

Cloudbits: supporting conversations through augmented zero-query search visualization

  • Florian Müller
  • Sebastian Günther
  • Azita Hosseini Nejad
  • Niloofar Dezfuli
  • Mohammadreza Khalilbeigi
  • Max Mühlhäuser

Visibility perception and dynamic viewsheds for topographic maps and models

  • Nico Li
  • Wesley Willett
  • Ehud Sharlin
  • Mario Costa Sousa

Using artificial landmarks to improve revisitation performance and spatial learning in linear control widgets

  • Md. Sami Uddin
  • Carl Gutwin
  • Alix Goguey

SESSION: Haptics

  • Francisco Ortega

Stylo and handifact: modulating haptic perception through visualizations for posture training in augmented reality

  • Nicholas Katzakis
  • Jonathan Tong
  • Oscar Ariza
  • Lihan Chen
  • Gudrun Klinker
  • Brigitte Röder
  • Frank Steinicke

Evaluating the effect of tangible virtual reality on spatial perspective taking ability

  • Jack Shen-Kuen Chang
  • Georgina Yeboah
  • Alison Doucette
  • Paul Clifton
  • Michael Nitsche
  • Timothy Welsh
  • Ali Mazalek

Analysing the effect of tangibile user interfaces on spatial memory

  • Markus Löchtefeld
  • Frederik Wiehr
  • Sven Gehring

Haptobend: shape-changing passive haptic feedback in virtual reality

  • John C. McClelland
  • Robert J. Teather
  • Audrey Girouard


  • Markus Löchtefeld

The eyes don’t have it: an empirical comparison of head-based and eye-based selection in virtual reality

  • Yuan Yuan Qian
  • Robert J. Teather

Gaze + pinch interaction in virtual reality

  • Ken Pfeuffer
  • Benedikt Mayer
  • Diako Mardanbegi
  • Hans Gellersen

EyeSee360: designing a visualization technique for out-of-view objects in head-mounted augmented reality

  • Uwe Gruenefeld
  • Dag Ennenga
  • Abdallah El Ali
  • Wilko Heuten
  • Susanne Boll


  • Florian Daiber

Spatial user interaction panel

  • Florian Daiber
  • Kyle Johnsen
  • Robert W. Lindeman
  • Sriram Subramanian

SESSION: Systems & applications

  • Dimitar Valkov

Evaluation of finger position estimation with a small ranging sensor array

  • Yu Ishikawa
  • Buntarou Shizuki
  • Junichi Hoshino

GestureDrawer: one-handed interaction technique for spatial user-defined imaginary interfaces

  • Teo Babic
  • Harald Reiterer
  • Michael Haller

Triggerwalking: a biomechanically-inspired locomotion user interface for efficient realistic virtual walking

  • Bhuvaneswari Sarupuri
  • Simon Hoermann
  • Frank Steinicke
  • Robert W. Lindeman


EyeSee: beyond reality with Microsoft HoloLens

  • Uwe Gruenefeld
  • Dana Hsiao
  • Wilko Heuten
  • Susanne Boll

GestureDrawer demo: one-handed interaction technique for spatial user-defined imaginary interfaces

  • Teo Babic
  • Harald Reiterer
  • Michael Haller

Haptic feedback with HaptoBend: utilizing shape-change to enhance virtual reality

  • John C. McClelland
  • Robert J. Teather
  • Audrey Girouard

Head vs. eye-based selection in virtual reality

  • YuanYuan Qian
  • Robert J. Teather

Using facial gestures to drive narrative in VR

  • I. Mavridou
  • M. Hamedi
  • M. Fatoorechi
  • J. Archer
  • A. Cleal
  • E. Balaguer-Ballester
  • E. Seiss
  • C. Nduka

Artificial landmarks augmented linear control widgets to improve spatial learning and revisitation performance

  • Md. Sami Uddin
  • Carl Gutwin
  • Alix Goguey


Look closer: adaptive mobile content zooming based on natural spatial user interaction

  • Shih-Wen Hsiao
  • Yi-Cheng Tsao

An unobservable and untraceable input method for public spaces by reconstructing points of gaze only on servers

  • Michiya Yamamoto
  • Hirofumi Sakiyama
  • Satoshi Fukumori
  • Takashi Nagamatsu

Filtering world-in-miniature: visual analytics for immersive virtual experiences

  • Catherine Ball
  • Kyle Johnsen

Constraint-based modeling technique for mid-air interaction

  • Thomas Jung
  • Patrick Bauer

Soundspace: toward accessible spatial navigation and collaboration for blind users

  • Frank Spillers

CS-DTW: real-time matching of multivariate spatial input against thousands of templates using compute shader DTW

  • Krzysztof Pietroszek
  • Phuc Pham
  • Christian Eckhardt

Exploring task performance and user’s preference of mid-air hand interaction in a 3D docking task experiment

  • Marco Speicher
  • Florian Daiber
  • Gian-Luca Kiefer
  • Antonio Krüger

Spatial virtual keyboard for wand based virtual reality

  • Lewis Carter
  • Leigh Ellen Potter

A head coupled cursor for 2D selection in virtual reality

  • Adrian Ramcharitar
  • Robert J. Teather

User experience with semi-natural locomotion techniques in virtual reality: the case of the Virtuix Omni

  • Lawrence E. Warren
  • Doug A. Bowman

Flex: hand gesture recognition using muscle flexing sensors

  • Christian Eckhardt
  • John Sullivan
  • Krzysztof Pietroszek

Player performance with different input devices in virtual reality first-person shooter games

  • Yasin Farmani
  • Robert J. Teather

SESSION: Closing keynote

  • Adalberto L. Simeone

Intuitive spatial interactions in VR: learnings from “job simulator”

  • Alex Schwartz