Presentation Guide

Talk Timing

The total time for each talk is 25 minutes (for full papers) and 15 minutes (for short papers) respectively, including time to switch speakers, do the talk, and field questions. You should plan for the talk itself to be approximately 20 minutes (for full papers) and 10 minutes (for short papers), leaving a few minutes for questions and speaker switching. Since running overtime would negatively affect speakers after you in the same session, the session chair will interrupt your presentation if you run overtime. So, be sure to practice your talk extensively to guarantee that your material fits comfortably into the time allotted.

Presentation Technology

The ACM SUI 2014 papers will be presented at the Kona Moku in Salon B, which includes a screen, high-resolution video/date projector, standing lectern, laser pointer, and a microphone. You have to use your own laptop for storing and projecting the slides for your talk. If you cannot use your own laptop, please get in contact with your session chair as possible. You will need to connect your laptop with a VGA or DVI adapter to the projector.

Slides Template

Feel free to use this slide template for your presentation.




Proceedings of the 2nd ACM symposium on Spatial user interaction


October 4-5, 2014



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Best Papers

Elsevier Computers & Graphics Best papers will be published in a "Special Section on SUI 2014" in Elsevier Journal Computers & Graphics.


Opening keynote

Closing keynote*

Mark BolasProf. Mark Bolas

* Joint keynote with UIST 2014.

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