Research Demos

Demo 1

HOBS: Head Orientation Based Selection in Physical Spaces
Ben Zhang
CITRIS Invention Lab, University of California Berkeley

Demo 2

Google Cardboard
Boris Smus
Google Inc.

Demo 3

AnyControl - User Activity Oriented Appliance Controlling
Dongyu Wang, Janak Bhimani, Dixon Lo, Yui Murase, and Kazunori Sugiura
Graduate School of Media Design, Keio University‚Ä®, Yokohama, Japan

Demo 4

Fisheye Vision
Jason Orlosky
Takemura Laboratory, Osaka University, Japan

Demo 5

Making VR Work: Building a Real-World Immersive Modeling Application in the Virtual World
Mark Mine
Creative Technology Group (CTG) at Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI)

Demo 6

Are 4 Hands better than 2? Bimanual Interaction for Quadmanual User Interfaces
Paul Lubos
Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Department of Informatics, University of Hamburg, Germany

Demo 7 - Invited Demo from UIST

THAW: Tangible Interaction with See-Through Augmentation for Smartphones on Computer Screens
Sang Leigh, Philipp Schoessler
MIT Media Lab

Demo 8 - Invited Demo from UIST

Projectron Mapping: The Exercise and Extension of Augmented Workspaces for Learning Electronic Modeling through Projection Mapping
Yoh Akiyama, Homei Miyashita
Meiji University, Japan




Proceedings of the 2nd ACM symposium on Spatial user interaction


October 4-5, 2014



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Best Papers

Elsevier Computers & Graphics Best papers will be published in a "Special Section on SUI 2014" in Elsevier Journal Computers & Graphics.


Opening keynote

Closing keynote*

Mark BolasProf. Mark Bolas

* Joint keynote with UIST 2014.

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