The SUI symposium will last for two days plus the shared ACM SUI/UIST keynote of Prof. Mark Bolas, and will be followed immediately by ACM UIST 2014.

Saturday, October 4
08:30 - 09:00am Breakfast + Registration
Introduction & Keynote
09:00 - 10:30am Keynote by Prof. Ken Perlin, NYU Media Research Lab
10:30 - 11:00pm Morning Tea
Papers 1: Flat Surfaces in 3D Space (Chair: Tobias Höllerer)
11:00 - 12:20am Ethereal Planes: A Taxonomical Design Framework for 2D Information Spaces in 3D Mixed Reality Environments Barrett Ens, Juan David Hincapié-Ramos, Pourang Irani
[SHORT] Combining Multi-touch Input and Device Movement for 3D Manipulations in Mobile Augmented Reality Environments Asier Marzo, Benoît Bossavit, Martin Hachet
HOBS: Head Orientation-Based Selection in Physical Spaces Ben Zhang, Yu-Hsiang Chen, Claire Tuna, Achal Dave, Yang Li, Edward Lee, Bjoern Hartmann
[SHORT] AnnoScape: Remote Collaborative Review Using Live Video Overlay in Shared 3D Virtual Workspace Hiroshi Chigira, Austin Lee, Sheng Kai Tang, Kojo Acquah, Hiroshi Ishii
12:20 - 02:00pm Lunch
Papers 2: Spatial Gestures (Chair: Hiroshi Ishii)
02:00 - 03:05pmGestureAnalyzer: Visual Analytics for Pattern Analysis of Mid-Air Hand Gestures Sujin Jang, Niklas Elmqvist, Karthik Ramani
Exploring Gestural Interaction in Smart Spaces using Head Mounted Devices with Ego-Centric Sensing Barry Kollee, Sven Kratz, Anthony Dunnigan
[SHORT] VideoHandles: Replicating Gestures to Search through Action-Camera Video Jarrod Knibbe, Sue Ann Seah, Mike Fraser
Papers 3: Seeing, Walking and Being in Spatial VEs (Chair: Steven Feiner)
03:05 - 04:00pm Fisheye Vision: Peripheral Spatial Compression for Improved Field of View in Head Mounted Displays Jason Orlosky, Qifan Wu, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Christian Nitschke, Haruo Takemura
[SHORT] Human Sensitivity to Dynamic Translational Gains in Head-Mounted Displays Ruimin Zhang, Bochao Li, Scott Kuhl
[SHORT] A Self-Experimentation Report about Long-Term Use of Fully-Immersive Technology Frank Steinicke, Gerd Bruder
04:00 - 04:30pm Afternoon Tea
04:30 - 06:00pm Demos Fast Forward and Hands-On Demos
06:30 - 09:00pmReception + Banquet
Sunday, October 5
08:30 - 09:00amBreakfast + Registration
Papers 4: Hybrid Interaction Spaces (Chair: Bernd Fröhlich)
09:00 - 10:30amCoordinated 3D Interaction in Tablet- and HMD-Based Hybrid Virtual Environments Jia Wang, Robert Lindeman
Making VR Work: Building a Real-World Immersive Modeling Application in the Virtual World Mark Mine, Arun Yoganandan, Dane Coffey
[SHORT] T(ether): Spatially-Aware Handhelds, Gestures and Proprioception for Multi-User 3D Modeling and Animation David Lakatos, Matthew Blackshaw, Alex Olwal, Zachary Barryte, Ken Perlin, Hiroshi Ishii
RUIS - A Toolkit for Developing Virtual Reality Applications with Spatial Interaction Tuukka Takala
10:35 - 11:00am Morning Tea
11:00 - 12:30pm Poster Fast Forward and Poster Presentation
12:30 - 02:00pm Lunch
Papers 5: Spatial Pointing and Touching (Chair: Martin Hachet)
02:00 - 03:30pm Void Shadows: Multi-Touch Interaction with Stereoscopic Objects on the Tabletop Alexander Giesler, Dimitar Valkov, Klaus Hinrichs
Object-Based Touch Manipulation for Remote Guidance of Physical Tasks Matt Adcock, Dulitha Ranatunga, Ross Smith, Bruce Thomas
[SHORT] Are 4 Hands better than 2? Bimanual Interaction for Quadmanual User Interfaces Paul Lubos, Gerd Bruder, Frank Steinicke
Visual Aids in 3D Point Selection Experiments Robert Teather, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger
03:30 - 04:00pm Afternoon Tea
04:00 - 05:00pm Awards & Closing Remarks
Monday, October 6
Shared SUI/UIST-Keynote
09:00 - 10:30am Keynote by Prof. Mark Bolas, ICT, LA




Proceedings of the 2nd ACM symposium on Spatial user interaction


October 4-5, 2014



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Best Papers

Elsevier Computers & Graphics Best papers will be published in a "Special Section on SUI 2014" in Elsevier Journal Computers & Graphics.


Opening keynote

Closing keynote*

Mark BolasProf. Mark Bolas

* Joint keynote with UIST 2014.

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